NSRM: Common Street Smart Mistakes You Don't Want To Make

Do you know the safest place to run on the road? A recent study by researchers in Finland has shown runners and walkers are 77% less likely to be involved in a fatal or non-fatal injury pedestrian accident when facing  against  traffic. Here are some tips for running the roads:

1. Run on sidewalks whenever possible.

2. Run on secondary roads, instead of main roads. 

3. Run against  traffic on the shoulder of the road if a sidewalk is not available. Never run on the same side of the road with traffic to your back.

4. When running in a group, it is safer to run in a single file line. At most, you should only run with 2 people side by side. 

5. GET LIT. Using multiple flashing lights on different points of your body is important to stand out and be seen by car drivers. Bright, reflective gear and clothing is also recommended, but blinking lights can be seen 2-5 times better by drivers.

6. Always remain alert and be proactive in your safety. Assume car drivers don't see you and be ready to react.