Wearsafe - an instant call for help!

Wearsafe is an instant call for help that makes it simple to reach the people you trust. Without needing to unlock and dial your phone, Wearsafe enables your friends and family to hear what’s happening, see where you are, and quickly coordinate to get you the right help, right away.

With Wearsafe, looking out for each other just got a lot easier. 


The Wearsafe Tag is a must have device for any activity you do alone. It is the perfect companion for any runner or walker, real estate agent or businessperson, or college student.

Wearsafe Features

• Fast and Easy to activate - no need to fumble with a phone
• Provides Audio allowing network to hear what's happening and send most appropriate help
• Provides updated location to responders once alert is sent
• The Wearsafe App becomes a Virtual Situation Room for responders to coordinate through a private group chat
• Critical medical information can be included in alert
• Call 911 directly from the app and share alert code with emergency responders
• Tag gives silent feedback when alert is sent and viewed
• 200 + foot range
• Multiple, unlimited networks
• Free for responders, $5 a month to send alerts

Buy Today

The Wearsafe Tag can be purchased at any of our 4 locations in white or charcoal. The Tag cost $30 and includes 6 months of FREE service ($5 per month afterwards). Stop in and check it out today!