NRSM: Listen Up To Your Surroundings

This Part 2 of November's National Runners Safety Month tips and I know this post won't be popular with everyone! Everyone loves music, but we all know there are two types of runners: those that don't listen to music, and those that HAVE to listen to music!

Running with traditional earbuds can be unsafe.

Running with traditional earbuds can be unsafe.

Listen Up

Turn down the music, wear your earbuds in only one year, or don't listen to music at all. With music playing, it can be hard to know all of your surroundings and be able to stay alert. It's important to hear what is going on around you - people, cars, animals - so you can react if necessary. When the time changes and more runs are done during dark, this becomes even more important!

Are You Mad Yet?

Don't worry - we love listening to music on the run, too - and we have a solution for ya! Stop in to any of our stores and check out the AfterShokz headphones (we have demo units you can try on display). These bad boys are water and sweat resistant (no worries in the rain or snow), are wireless (Bluetooth), and use bone conduction technology so you can hear the music perfectly without anything going into your ears (totally rad, right?). They make the perfect gift to yourself and your running buddies!