HOKA One One is here!

In July, we launched HOKA One One (usually referred to as simply HOKA) shoes into all of our store locations! We are happy to say we are the only store in the Great Lakes Bay Region stocking a selection of several styles and sizes in this popular brand. Since the launch at Runners Athletic Company - HOKA has become our #4 selling footwear brand and we expect it to keep growing. Wow!

So what makes HOKA different?


Cushioned Midsole

  • Max Cushioning - Marshmallow Soft

  • Premium Shock Absorption

  • Superior Comfort



The wheels for your feet - driving you forward & complementing your natural motion pathway (your individual gait cycle).

  • Smooth roll or transition from heel to toe

  • Designed to increase running efficiency


Active Foot Frame

This is the “bucket seat” that cradles your foot, offering guidance and support in a non-restrictive way.

  • Integrated stability within the shoe

  • Adaptability to a wide range of feet and running styles

  • A comfortable option to traditional extra post support

profly-hi-poster (1).jpg

PROFLY - Intelligent Cushioning

Some shoes offer a softer heel, and firmer forefoot… for a more dynamic running experience

  • Softer cushioning for heel protection

  • Firmer cushioning for forefoot propulsion

  • Fast & Comfortable

If you haven’t tried this unique brand out - we encourage you to stop by soon and try a few pairs on! With our 30 Day TestRide Guarantee - you can feel confident in giving these a shot!