361 Bio-Speed - Built for Plyo, Boot Camp Workouts, and the Gym

Called one of "The Best Shoes For Crossfit" by Men's Journal, this shoe is designed for the unique demands of today’s workouts. The 361 BIO SPEED is built on a firmer QU!CKFOAM platform to enhance shock dispersion while maintaining agility during climbs, sprints, jumps, and lifting. The lightweight sticky rubber outsole has been patterned for traction in multi-directional activities with a reinforced heel for added durability. Not to be outdone – the upper package of breathable air-mesh and thermal printing create the perfect balance of form-fitting support, comfort and style. 

If your training is a hybrid of speed and functional strength - the 361 BIO SPEED is the shoe for you - $109.99

  • MIDSOLE: A firmer blend of QU!KFOAM™ provides a stable platform to enhance shock dispersion and maintain agility.
  • UPPER: Highly breathable open weave air-mesh with thermal printing and non-stitch film provide form-fitting comfort and style.
  • OUTSOLE: Lightweight sticky rubber patterned for traction and response in multi-directional activities.  Reinforced heel for added durability.

WEIGHT = Women’s: 6.6oz.  Men: 8oz    DROP = 9.0mm