Weekly Workout: 4/24/2018

Core Circuit

Strengthen your core and hit those arms too while you're at it!

Warm up with 3-5 minutes of dynamic stretching

Complete the designated reps of each exercise, then repeat the entire circuit for a total of 3 rounds.

1.      Forearm Plank to Dolphin (1 minute); start in a forearm plank position, then shift your weight back and push your hips towards the ceiling (your body should look like an upside-down V). Shift yourself back into a forearm plank.

2.      Side Plank with Twist (30 seconds per side); start in a forearm plank on your left side, so that your right side is facing the ceiling. Put your right hand behind your head, then twist and crunch your right elbow towards your left hand.

3.      Standing Knee to Elbow (30 seconds per side); Stand with hands behind your head and feet hip-width apart. Bring your right knee up towards your right elbow, as your right elbow comes down towards your right knee. Complete 30 seconds on the right before moving to 30 seconds on the left.

4.      Wood Chopper (30 seconds per side); Stand with feet hip-width apart and arms extended overhead, slightly to the left side of your body. Rotate your trunk as you bring your arms across your torso and down towards your right knee. Repeat for 30 seconds before switching sides; add weight for extra resistance if desired.

5.      Back Extension/Superman (1 minute); Lie on your stomach with your arms extended over your head. Contract your back muscles to lift your legs and arms off the ground, then slowly lower. Repeat for 1 minute.

6.      Dead Bug (1 minute); Lie on your back with your knees bent at 90° above your hips and arms extended at your sides. Extend your right leg straight out as you extend your right arm straight above your head, keeping your core and left side stable. Repeat on the left side, alternating for 1 minute.

Cool down with 3-5 minutes of stretching