Experience a unique, modern, and exclusive fitting process supported by the most current research in running biomechanics.



MotionQuest Analysis

Come check out the most advanced, modern shoe fitting analysis system available in the USA. This unique assessment combines the runner profile, knee/hip motion, and a dynamic pressure analysis of the foot to help us find you the best inserts and shoes. 

We're proud to have been the first store in the country to modernize the fit process and utilize the dynamic pressure assessment with MotionQuest.

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Brooks Victory Collection

The Brooks Victory Podium Pack is here and in stock now! Check out the Limited Edition USA prints on the Ghost 9 and Launch 3. Show your support for Team USA during this years Olympic games! 

The Brooks Victory Collection is limited and we will sell through our inventory quickly. Stop in or call to get yours today!


Stay Hydrated!

It's a Dry, Hot Summer and it is important to stay hydrated with water and electrolytes! We have plenty of options for all day, running, or catching those digital critters. 

Check out our huge selection of bottles, belts, and packs from Nathan and Amphipod!

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